Kayakalpa for
 Resisting COVIOD19, Living Longevity & Rare Disease

Nature has a law in every creation and being.  understanding terminology and etymology are important factors. Kayakalpa is the solution for AMR, Rare Disease, cancer, and aesthetic disorders. 


Guru Yogi Mohan, Technology Expert &

Master of Kayakalpa

Kayakalpa is the oldest technology taught by the masters for existence and survival from epidemics and rare diseases. It is a nonmedical administration for the human body for 21 days and upon that the damaged cells of the body will be regenerated as new. It is possible by the approach of this technology. It is a kind of knowledge that all the physical glands will produce the resistance through the new cells. It is helping to develop physiological and intellectual problems. 


Educating Ancient 
Knowledge to Modern Generation


Kayakalpa For living Longevity &

Rare Disease 

 Kayakalpa is the oldest knowledge for living longevity, aging control, and solving human conditions and cancers. It is one of the trio factors based on the human body and mind. Individually all the science has limitations to working in the body. It can be a perfect career as a future technology in a health-based profession. Ancient alchemy or modern medicine will not work indispensably for human conditions and incurable disease. It has many practices and rituals in all its junctions and that will not work for basic reasons. Kaykalpa is an ancient methodology for regeneration body and mind through a 21 days medicine-free practice in an organized place. It will give aging control, solution for cancers, HIV, AMR, and the body will be organized to resist any situations. 

Kalpa Sutra For autism and Learning Disability

KalpaSutra is the ancient remedy for regenerating damaged cells. It is for the purpose of intellectual and physiological problems for children under the age of 18. This ancient methodology is usable for developmental delay, HDD, ADHD, autism, and other disabilities. This course is for parents, teachers, medical professionals, social workers, and career aspirants. It is not for the purpose of doing it by themselves.


Parents Recommend

Angie S.

““Truly it is answer for cancer .I recommend this for you,  -cancer survived  ””

Mark Andrew

"Now I realize there are something  which is beyond the definitions. I am happy  and recommend this for survival ”

David H Bro.

“I' experienced this is good for HIV and now for AMR and and Corona too  ””


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