Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy


Guru Yogi Mohan

Kayakalpa Expert 

I'm a 29th generation traditional person who has theoretical and practical experience in 49 Kalpa sutras and technologies. All those technologies and terminologies developed by the ancient masters and transfers to further generations in the form teachings by word of mouth. Most of the ancient knowledge has no script. but it is easy to remember and evidence-based programs.

All such traditional knowledge is known as Smrithi, that kept as knowledge in mind. This teaching program provides the knowledge for living longevity. It is a do it yourself (DIY) program that you can do yourself and for you and everybody.

Upon doing it, the body will be organized and healed perfectly in a few days that you have to follow the step by step procedure. In this teaching program, I am defining everything, like why, what, when where, and how.  It is developed like how nature is created our body and mind, the same we are using to repair our body and through that the mind.


Health, Movement, Wellbeing

There are more than 1250 rare diseases, nearly 100 disabilities, cancers, HIV, and many other problems like Corona, AMR etc. The hope of the human world is in a dilemma and confused about the existence.

For 30 years I am practicing Kalpa sutra and Kayakalpa successfully and my experience is in 3000 different cases in all age groups. During this period I have developed perfect theory and course modules to teach these practical technologies for the modern world. The phrase and terminologies were used with it earlier has been in ancient form and used the same methodology. Now it is organized in a modern way and using a laptop for every student makes it simple and handy. upon completing this course, they will be expert professionals in the health care industry without and medicinal approach. It is considering everyone as a child and it is caring like that only.