Frequently asked questions

What is Kayakalpa?

Kayakalpa is a traditional knowledge for preventing and normalising rare diseases, cancers, ageing and managing the human idol.

Who can practise it ?

It can be practiced and provided to anyone that he can follow the instructions. It can be usable for a service provider or fore themselves.

What are the benefits will get from this practice?

It is a practice for getting immunity from any kind of disease. there are a lot of benefits available other than the immunity. 1. Anoxia and hypoxia will be unblocked and through that cancers will be solved. 2. Aesthetic balance will be normalized in any point of the body. so it can be used as a beauty establishment. 3. Bone and muscle structure will be organized through the aging process. 4. Infertility will be solved. 5. Sexual power will be increased. 6. endocrine system and Gut-Brain- Axis relation of CNS will be organized, through that HIV, AMR and many other conditions will be solved.

How it works?

There are a lot of invisible and repulsive forces around us. And there are many hundreds of reasons for the aging process in the human body. In this practice, the system itself resisting all those factors and enabling a kind of control for all those factors for three ween time. Upon that the body organizes and all the internal systems will start working properly.

Is this contain any medicine?

No any medicinal approached. This system is started to practice before the development of any medical system include Ayurveda. Purely it is by controlling natural forces with body and mind.

How it is possible to control a body and mind?

We are providing appropriate applications to be used in Kayakalpa as a support system. simply one can follow it through the support of a laptop and headphone. The rest naturally happens.

What I will get as part of the course?

We are providing teaching in all possible ways. prerecorded videos are the main method of teaching. And there are discussion forums that you can discuss with others also. There are regular videos based on the frequently asked questions. Every week there will be added videos based on the doubts of every learner. In principle, we are providing unlimited access to the course platform forever engaged students.

What is the course duration?

The course duration is 3 weeks only. But they are permitted to be within students platform for 3 months. And they have liberty clear their doubt up to three months.

Do I get a Certificate?

Yes, every student will get their course certificate after the successful completion of the course.

Is it a professional course?

yes, It is a professional course and can consider it is a profession.

Do I get support for employment after studying this course?

As a practical system that develops skills in the area of rare disease and disabilities, it is a high values course. Upon studying this job opportunity naturally arise. we are not providing the employment right now.