curriculum and lectures

Introduction about the course

History of innovation of ancient knowledge( Video Class)

What is traditional knowledge?( Video)

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Methodology of practise and anciant testimony( Video)

Evidence-based approaches?

What are the major problems recorded so far?

How we need to see a human being and their body?

Equations and ratio of everything

How everything is formed? (five elements and nine elements)

How we can manage the crisis?

What is Alchemy, The history of alchemy ?

Human idol and canon

How to understand a problem within the human body

The definition of birth in terms of Kayaklpa?

Definition of body and mind?

The limitation of medical approaches

The definition of ability and disability?

Aesthetic correction and reformation?

What is consciousness ?

Our sensing organs and sensing method?

How to activate a body in to another plane?

thought and pawer

Behavioral chemistry and reactions of thought?

Preparing a project for organising a life . how we can do that.

Living longevity without disease and disability

Critical analysis and management

Creation of everything and human

Theory of sustainability

Preparing the Kaykalpa

organising the mind and body and step of procedures

Starting the Kayakalpa practise

Preparing a personal report?

The action of light in observation ?

reconnecting the body and mind relation?

Analysing the result through the self verification?

Setting up a Kayaklpa theater for your clients and public.